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Our Focus Areas

From generative AI to quantum computing, Financial Services to Aviation, Consumer to B2B, our team brings unique insights and curated connectivity to our Members no matter what their strategic focus is.  Despite the breadth of Members we serve, there are common themes we see across all our Members – the top being Sustainability and Supply Chain & Logistics.


There is no innovation without sustainability – or at the very least, people won’t award you with innovator of the year if your new product is WORSE for the environment. As governments around the world announce climate commitments and pass related environmental policies and with growing pressures to get to net zero from consumers, companies are now forced to reckon with encompassing net neutrality into new products, services, processes and messaging. These climate initiatives require transformative action and investments – but the sustainability landscape is complex to navigate, with new players emerging every day.

Whether it’s Carbon Capture, Battery Recycling, Electrification, Regenerative Agriculture, Hydrogen, Green Steel, Renewable Energy, or Synthetic Biology, we have deep expertise in understanding and evaluating these emerging spaces, and sourcing the relevant investment, acquisition, and partnership opportunities for our Members.

From Chief Impact and Sustainability Officer to Heads of CVC or Corporate Development, we advise our Members on how to achieve their sustainability goals by:

  • Supporting them with their decarbonization strategy development and roadmap
  • Setting up sustainability funds, building out investment theses and sourcing and diligencing targets
  • Curating introductions to cutting-edge climate tech startups and solution providers peer corporate executives and investors for knowledge sharing and best practices
  • Building partnerships with relevant stakeholders across sectors and preparing nuanced outreach and engagement strategies,

Whether you are early in your journey and need help building sustainability goals and your strategy or are more advanced and need help translating strategy into actionable opportunities, Silicon Foundry can support you on your sustainability journey.

Who We Work With

Supply Chain & Logistics

In today’s interconnected and globalized world, where customers place orders online with one-click and expect goods to be delivered within days or hours, supply chains play a crucial role in the success and stability of businesses across various industries. Over the last few years, disruptions such as natural disasters, trade conflicts, and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the vulnerability of traditional supply chains.  More recently, inflation and rising interest rates have caused volatility and unpredictability around supply and demand planning, resulting in excess and out-of-season inventory and widespread layoffs.  For corporates – whether retailers, logistics players, or software providers – the question is no longer if they need to level up their supply chains to withstand and adapt to the new normal, but instead how they can do so to ensure the continuous flow of goods and services, all the while delighting customers along the journey.

By leveraging our expertise and  connectivity, we have built a world-class practice around developing and activating next-generation supply chains.  From supply chain visibility, warehouse automation, inventory management, autonomous vehicles, asset tracking, sustainable packaging, last-mile delivery, reverse logistics, and everything in between, we help our Members navigate emerging trends and technologies to identify high-alignment opportunities.  

At Silicon Foundry, we partner with our Members to support their initiatives around building more agile, resilient, and sustainable supply chain operations by:

  • Supporting them with developing their supply chain transformation strategy and implementation plans
  • Curating introductions to cutting-edge supply chain tech startups and solution providers
  • Leveraging our wide network of startups and technology experts working on emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT, and automation to deliver insights into the latest advancements in supply chain 
  • Curating exclusive workshops, events, and innovation programs that facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and ideation from cross-industry peers 
  • Building partnerships with relevant stakeholders across sectors and preparing nuanced outreach and engagement strategies

Who We Work With