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Guiding Principles

We’re fiercely protective of our culture; it is our unreplicable competitive advantage. The below set of ideas and attributes guides how we operate day to day as well as how we design and build our team. Team members at Silicon Foundry will intuitively understand and align with these core principles.


Everything we do is optimized for action and driving high-impact outcomes. We strive to achieve this through the work we do and consistently challenge ourselves, colleagues and Members to ‘level up.


We have the ability to move gracefully between diverse sets of stakeholders in order to navigate and translate the complex dynamics and information asymmetry that exists between corporates, startups and other players across the ecosystem.


Our currency comes from our ability to identify and translate nuance others don’t see and connect dots others never would. We have the unique ability to see signals, read between lines as well as synthesize and prioritize information to create context that unlocks opportunity.


The most important thing we do is earn our Members’ trust and respect; that sometimes requires telling hard truths. We operate with confidence, humility, instinctive discretion and integrity.


We believe curiosity drives people to think more creatively and ask the provocative questions needed to drive novel outcomes. We are passionately curious and insatiably seek new information and experiences, which likely means we listen more than we speak.

Service DNA

We love solving complex challenges and instinctively “do in service of” because helping others and catalyzing meaningful outcomes brings us joy.

Diversity of Thought

We find uniformity limiting and believe the most valuable team is a collection of unusual suspects with complementary expertise and experiences, who can constructively challenge one another’s world views and present new ideas and perspectives.

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